Little by little...

Little by little...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Announcing the Agile2017 People Program Team

This year I have the pleasure of returning as a Program Chair for Agile 2017. With that honor, I have the difficult task of selecting a program team for the People Program. This team consists of eight track chairs that work in pairs to review submissions, coach submitters, and provide recommendations for the final program.

I am happy to announce the People Program for Agile 2017:

Open Jam also has a chair – the person that plans and facilitates that space before and during the entire conference week. As an extra “track,” this falls under my direction. I am pleased to announce that Olaf Lewitz (@olaflewitz) is returning in that role for Agile 2017.

If you’re curious, we select track chairs based on a number of factors.
• Individuals with the knowledge, passion and availability to recommend the best submissions for inclusion into the program.
• Prior experience as a track chair and/or reviewer (required).
• Recommendations and feedback from prior track, program, and/or conference chairs.
• Ensuring we have a good mix of returning and new people. (To support this, we restrict returning track chairs to three consecutive track chair rotations.)
• Ensuring diversity on the program and, as best as possible, for each track.

This is a time-consuming job and I am grateful to each of these folks for committing to the undertaking of it. This community is built on the sharing of ourselves, which includes our ideas and our time. And these folks embody that. I am proud to be in their company.

 *Note: If you have interest in getting involved, be sure to talk to someone about being a reviewer. We can’t guarantee it, but we try to find spots for everyone who wants to help. It really does take a village. ☺

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